ADHD friendly recipiesMeal planning and cooking can be a logistical nightmare when you have ADHD. Making decisions, advanced planning, follow through and multi-step processes are all skills that are needed to plan, shop for and prepare meals; yet they are challenging when you have ADHD. This means ADDers often eat out, or order in.

However, when you cook at home, you can be guaranteed that the food is healthy and that no one has sneaked in fat, salt or sugar to make the dish taste better. Plus when you eat whole and healthy foods, your ADHD symptoms get easier to manage.

One website that takes the pain out of ADHD meal planning is
Elena doesn’t have ADHD, but she does have a few health issues such as MS and celiac disease. These health challenges promoted her to create healthy, simple and easy recipes that don’t compromise on taste, flavour or style.

What makes these recipes ADHD-friendly?

All the recipes are simple and easy to make!! YAY! And not in a condescending way. Elena doesn’t make a big deal out of it…they just are.

Use Few Ingredients
Elena uses as few ingredients as possible. I don’t know about you, but if I just look at some of Martha Stewart’s list of ingredients, I get overwhelmed. This doesn’t happen at Elena’s pantry. If anything, you are wondering how something so seemingly basic on paper, tastes so good.

All the recipes on the site are gluten free. In the 10 years of being an ADHD Coach, I know that going gluten-free is one of the most effective things you can do to help your ADHD. That doesn’t mean to say it’s the easiest thing, but it is worth the effort.

Refined Sugar-free
All the main dishes on the site are sugar-free. However, if you feel like baking and have a sweet tooth, Elena uses alternatives to refined sugar; which is much better for the ADHD brain (than refined sugar).

Another great bonus if you have ADHD.

Here are some of my favourite recipes on the site:

Chicken dishes
I make both of these several times a month and always feel like a very clever cook. 🙂

I don’t want to keep saying it’s so easy to make, but it’s true! And it’s also a great way to get some omega 3.

I became totally addicted to this salad last summer. It’s soooooo good. Even non-salad people love it.

Whenever I go to friends’ and they ask me to make dessert, I take this. It’s so easy (but I don’t mention that!), and everyone is always impressed. Even though it’s called, Christmas Chocolate bark, I make it year round.

This week, check out for yourself.


What are your favorite ADHD Friendly recipes? let me know in the comment section below!







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