Imagine having an uninterrupted night’s sleep and waking up effortlessly in the morning.

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Think how alert, energetic, productive and happy you would be.


  • Does sleep (or lack of it) consume your thoughts?
  • Do you drag yourself through the day promising yourself an early night, only to come alive at 10pm?
  • Do you lie awake in bed and just can’t fall asleep?
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep because your brain is on overdrive?
  • Do you pull all-nighters to meet deadlines and then spend the next week trying to catch up on sleep?
  • Do you keep hitting the snooze button and miss important morning events, like an interview or a flight?
  • Do you feel your ADHD has gotten out of control?

I have game changing news… Your life doesn’t have to be like this.

Even if you have had sleep problems since childhood, you can change your sleep story.

  • What if you woke up a few minutes before your alarm clock feeling alert and ready for the day?
  • Imagine doing something fun at lunch time rather than sneaking to your car for a nap.
  • What if you felt happy and in control of your emotions, no tears or anger outbursts, because of sleep deprivation?
  • Imagine how your relationships would change if no one had to nag you to go to bed or to wake up.
  • What if your ADHD symptoms improved, and you felt sharp and organized? Think how impressive your performance at work would be.

Jacqui has really helped me take control of my ADD in all facets of my life, and sleep s one of them. Waking up in the morning to face my day used to be scary and overwhelming. From Jacqui, I learnt techniques and tips to wake up excited about my day and live my fullest life!

28 year old medical doctor

I use to hate mornings. I was tired, grumpy and rushed. After working with Jacqueline I  wake up easily now. She helped me to realize that (almost) every decision I make in the day affects my sleep. I never thought I would  say this but I love mornings now!

Alex S.
22 year old student, Montreal

Wondering if you even have sleep issues?

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In the 11 years of being an ADHD coach no one has booked an appointment with me because they were having problems sleeping!

People reached for the phone if their ADHD symptoms were getting in the way of their success at work or at home. They wanted more organization, focus and to be productive.

The thing was, once I meet with them, problems with sleep were almost always there. Even a small sleep deficit can make your ADHD symptoms much worse.

People don’t get excited about ‘sleeping well.’

They do get enthusiastic  about what a good night’s sleep gives them.

Official stats say that 75% of people with ADHD have trouble sleeping; however, I think it’s much higher.  Some people say ‘I don’t have a sleep problem; I just can’t get to bed.’ Others say‘ ‘I don’t have problems sleeping; I can’t wake up’.  However, those issues are related to sleep and definitely affect your quality of life.


As an ADHD and self-employed person who can choose my own hours, I had erratic sleep patterns. When I was up against a deadline, I’d push my limits with an all-nighter and then be zoned out for several days. Other times I’d fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon and be up half the night. That was my idea of how to increase productivity!

Working with Jacqueline Sinfield helped me understand that I was getting in my own way. She helped me create sleep-time routines that I would actually use, even though I resist routines. To my surprise (but not hers!), I am now well-rested every day, calmer and finding that I can focus and accomplish much more in a day than I would ever have imagined.

Bonnie Hutchinson

Bonnie Hutchinson
Transitions Mentor, Consultant, Speaker and Author

Wherever you are on the spectrum, from “a few sleepless nights” to full on crazy-making “insomnia,” this is for you!

Jacqueline’s not promising silver bullets, which I respect. She’s educating you on a sleep-happy lifestyle. She’s backing it up and taking you through a step-by-step process that’s doable and life altering

Her delivery is so easy to consume, you know you’ll get through her material and want to go back again and again until it’s second nature. She’s thorough, delightful to listen to and covers ALL the bases – which is exactly what’s needed for weary, frustrated insomniacs who’ve lost sight of “healing” and are desperately relying on prescription and non-prescription drugs to get through the night.

If you want to be guided by an expert, someone I trust with my own clients, and need SIMPLE, doable, STEPS to find your sleep switch – I’m confident you’ll get your money’s worth with the ADHD Sleep Course.

Marcie Goldman

Marcie Goldman
Marcie Goldman Nutrition

Join The Course Today Only $147

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_font=”Lato” font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]If you are ready to improve every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your quality of work, the Sleep Solution is your answer. Get ready to be the focused, productive, happy person you are meant to be.

All you need is a good night sleep.[/text_block]


Here’s what you will learn in the course:


Lesson 1 

Behind the Scenes of ADHD and Sleep

Learn the reasons why you struggle with sleep. There are physical, chemical and behavioral reasons why sleep is challenging when you have ADHD.  When you understand what these are, you can let go of the guilt and blame and start making changes.


Lesson 2 

How to Create an ADHD-Friendly Bedroom

Learn how to create the perfect environment for sleep when you have ADHD. Don’t worry: it’s nothing weird or crazy, but some simple targeted actions that make a big difference.




Lesson 3 

How to Make Yourself Go to Bed

Learn how to go to bed at a decent time so that you aren’t surviving on 4 hours of sleep per night, or living a nocturnal life.




Lesson 4 

How to Fall Asleep When You Have ADHD

Learn how to fall asleep quickly! You can say goodbye to feeling bored and restless as you wait for sleep to arrive. No more worrying about how to get through tomorrow on so little sleep.



Lesson 5 

How to Stay Asleep When You Have ADHD

Learn what you can do to sleep deeper and longer. Plus, learn how to go back to sleep speedily if you do wake up.



Lesson 6 

How to Wake Up When You Have ADHD

Learn how to wake up in the morning no matter how hard you usually find it. Plus, discover how to make your mornings enjoyable and stress free (I promise this is possible!).

With Each Lesson You’ll Receive:

  • q-iconWhen does the Sleep Course start?

    Within minutes of signing up!  You will receive an email with your secret password so you can access the private membership site straight away…even if it’s a holiday or at 2:00am.

  • q-iconI have had sleep problems all my life. Can this course really help me?

    Absolutely! Most adults with ADHD have had sleep problems since childhood. Yet you can change your sleep story and improve the quality of your sleep no matter how long you have been struggling.

  • q-iconThe course isn’t a good match for everyone; however, it is perfect for you if…

    – You are ready to make changes to your life
    – You are a positive person
    – You are open minded and willing to try new things
    – Want more support than what reading a book offers

And this is all GUARANTEED!

If you do all the work, but are not happy with the results, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

No questions asked. We will still be friends.

There is a ‘but!’ Only register for the Sleep Solutions: How to Sleep Very Well When You Have ADHD if you are 111% ready to take action and do the homework. If it excites you, then that’s a clue that this is for you.

About Jacqueline

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Jacqueline helps clients manage their ADHD with a variety of strategies, including lifestyle changes (such as: sleep and diet) and practical skills. “When ADHD symptoms are managed, you can achieve the success you know you are capable of, in all areas of your life including your business.”

Jacqueline has worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years. She is a registered nurse and has a degree in psychology, a certificate in counseling and is a Coach U graduate.

Jacqueline is the ADD, ADHD Expert at Her own blog, is an award winning website. It was named one of the “Top ADHD Blog of 2015,” by Heathline and “Best of the Web Blog” by Psych Central.

Her book, Untapped Brilliance: How To Reach Your Full Potential As An Adult With ADHD, was described as, ‘Brilliant’ by Dr. Hallowell, and ‘A little gem’ by Dr. Gabor Mate.


Untapped Brilliance is brilliant! In logical, concrete terms, it shows a person how to get to the gifts wrapped up in ADD and not suffer from the clutter and frustration that holds so many people back. Full of hope and practical wisdom, this book is a treasure.

Edward Hallowell, M.D.

Edward Hallowell, M.D.

Untapped Brilliance is a little gem of a self-coaching primer. In straightforward language, Jacqueline Sinfield provides practical advice and simple, easy-to-follow techniques that will help adults challenged by AD(H)D to re-create their lives.

Gabor Mate M.D.

Gabor Mate M.D.

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